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Shelton Benjamin, Edge and Christian Talk Chad Gable On Recent Edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness

This week’s edition of E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness featured an interview with Shelton Benjamin, where he talked about several subjects, including his experiences through the independent scene and Japan after being released by the WWE, his journey back to the WWE as well as working with his current tag team partner, Chad Gable and much more. Here is what the trio had to say:

Edge: …How does it feel to be teaming with Gable?

Benjamin: You know, I’m actually pretty excited about it, because I wasn’t sure what we were gonna do as far as my return goes. And [on social media] for the past few years, I would always get how Jordan and Gable reminded people of me and Charlie, so of course, I’m like ‘Yeah, but they’re not me & Charlie all right’ *Laughs* It’s funny, a week or two weeks before, I actually came back I met them for the first time. We were doing an appearance at the Dan Gable Wrestling Museum in Iowa and that was the first time that I had actually met them and one of the first things that I had said to them were ‘Hey, are you sick of hearing about us as much as we’re sick of hearing about you?’. But again, had no idea I’d be teaming with him. You know, it’s actually a really good way to bring me back in, I think. It’ll be fun to get to know him and learn to play off of him and figure out our strengths and weaknesses. We’re two very different style wrestlers for different eras. But I’m actually excited, I’m just as excited as everyone else to see what we can do.

Christian: …You were a part of a lot of big moments, in the history of the company, a lot of of stand out moments that will be replayed for years and years and you can help a guy like him. Sometimes in a tag setting, it makes it easier to play off of somebody, to have that kind of camaraderie. You know if he’s watching you doing certain things in the ring, asking you why you’re doing those and then helping him feel more comfortable in things he’s doing because he has a ton of talent, he’s gonna be really good and even that singles match a few weeks ago with AJ Styles was of the charts a good match and I think he’s got a bright future as well, but I think you’re right, it’s a good spot to come back in, not to mention the fact that the tag team division right now is hotter than it’s been in years, so that’s pretty cool too.

You can listen to the podcast interview in full by checking out E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Shelton Benjamin Mentions Chad Gable In Recent Interview With

With his return to WWE, Shelton Benjamin recently had an interview with, where he talked about several subjects including his journey back to the WWE, his thoughts on Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar, what he wants to achieve now that he is back, as well as his thoughts on Chad Gable. Here’s what he had to say:

WWE.COM: Thankfully, it worked out. You’ve already touched on what it’s like to be back in WWE. What are your thoughts on your new tag team partner, Chad Gable, and do you see any comparisons to your former tag team partner, Charlie Haas?

BENJAMIN: Without a doubt. Chad is a great athlete, just like Charlie. Before I even get into that, though, Charlie Haas is, to this day, still my best friend. He’s my brother. We talk all the time. WWE created family when they put us together. We worked hard together and he helped push me. When you insert Chad Gable, obviously, there is going to be the comparisons to Charlie. I don’t like to make that comparison because they’re two different people. This isn’t The World’s Greatest Tag Team, this isn’t American Alpha — we are something completely different. But, obviously, there are similarities. They’re both tremendous athletes. They both have great drive, and even in the past couple of weeks I’ve seen Gable show signs of the intensity that Charlie had.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – September 12th 2017

Live Event Digitals > September 12th, 2017
Screen Captures > September 12th, 2017

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable def. The Hype Bros

The new team of Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable faced their biggest test to date in the way of The Hype Bros on SmackDown LIVE. Although Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley possessed the experience advantage as a tandem, Benjamin & Gable worked incredibly fluidly together, defeating The Bros with an incredibly impressive maneuver.

After the match, Rawley dapped up Benjamin & Gable, but Ryder did not follow suit, seemingly very unhappy with the loss.

Smackdown Results and Photos – August 29th 2017

Live Event Digitals > August 29th, 2017
Screen Captures > August 29th, 2017

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable def. The Ascension

He’s back.

Shelton Benjamin made his long-awaited return to SmackDown LIVE last week to form a new tag team with Chad Gable. Gable, who could not have been more excited to team with Benjamin, kept that enthusiasm up in this tag team contest against The Ascension.

Benjamin & Gable looked crisp in their first outing as a team, but Konnor & Viktor were not looking to fade quietly into the night and wore down Gable. However, once Benjamin was able to find his way into the match, The Gold Standard fired up, fending off both members of The Ascension, and then caught a clutch assist from Gable, leading into him hitting Paydirt on Viktor for the win.

Smackdown Results and Photos – August 22nd 2017

Screen Captures > August 22nd, 2017

Shelton Benjamin Returned To WWE, On SmackDown LIVE

Now that his former partner Jason Jordan had moved to Raw, Chad Gable paid a visit to SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan’s office to inquire about his future on the brand, and the “Yes!” Man had some great news for the former Olympian: In exchange for sending Jordan to Raw, Raw General Manager Kurt Angle helped SmackDown LIVE sign a good friend of The Olympic Hero: Shelton Benjamin! And, not only had Team Blue inked the former Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team Champion, but the “Gold Standard” was interested in forming a tag team with Gable.

Astonished that he would get the chance to team up with one of his heroes, Gable jumped at the opportunity, and Bryan informed the new team that they would have their first match together next week.

Smackdown Results and Photos – August 15th 2017

Live Event Digitals > August 16th, 2017
Screen Captures > August 16th, 2017

Attempting to gain a measure of redemption against Rusev after falling to The Bulgarian Brute several weeks ago, Chad Gable bounded to the ring ready to go toe-to-toe with his much larger adversary. However, Rusev, who seemed intent on making a lasting impression on Randy Orton heading into their match at SummerSlam this Sunday, brutalized Gable in and out of the ring, hurling him over the announce table before the bout could get rolling. Rusev then viciously applied The Accolade on Gable on top of the commentary desk.

Smackdown Results and Photos – August 1st 2017

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Rusev def. Chad Gable

Now breaking out on his own, Chad Gable looked to make an immediate statement against Rusev on SmackDown LIVE.

Gable brought all the fight he could to The Bulgarian Brute, taking his best shots and firing back every chance he got. However, Rusev fended off everything in Gable’s impressive arsenal, knocking him down to the canvas and locking in the spine-bending Accolade for the submission victory.

After the match, Rusev began to vent on the microphone, claiming that he has been incredibly disrespected since he had yet to be slotted into a match at SummerSlam. However, Rusev was soon interrupted by Randy Orton, who informed The Super Athlete that he would gladly take him on at SummerSlam. This enraged The Bulgarian Brute, who went on a tirade until The Viper promptly planted him with a thunderous RKO.

Following this explosive episode between the two Superstars, it was announced that Rusev would indeed be getting his wish, as he will square off with The Apex Predator at The Biggest Event of the Summer.